Rinpoche – Behind the Scenes  活佛背后的故事


by on Jan.18, 2012, under Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

There is a place in town in Kuala Lumpur that has paranormal disturbance, it is a construction site of an organization which keeps having mishaps, so they requested the help from Tsem Rinpoche. Rinpoche thought for a while and used his clairvoyance to see that there is a naga there. It used to be a swimming pool there and a shrine by the pool. One day one of the management people threw away the shrine when new construction was going on, and since then the disturbance/accidents started because the naga was provoked.

Rinpoche said if the angered naga is not pacified, there may be death in that area from accident. So upon request of the organization, Rinpoche drew a picture of how the naga looks like, recorded a message, then asked his students to help the people in the affected area to set up a shrine, put the naga picture inside, make offerings, and played Rinpoche’s recorded message for the naga, asking the naga to accept the offering, be at peace and stop creating trouble for the people there.

This is not the first time Rinpoche stops paranormal disturbance using “remote-control”, many times Rinpoche just needed to record a message, and whenever the naga/spirit/ghost/local deity heard Rinpoche’s command played via an audio player, they would stop whatever nasty things they were creating immediately.

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