Rinpoche – Behind the Scenes  活佛背后的故事

About Me

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Nanyang Technological University and earned my Master’s Degree in Engineering from Singapore-MIT Alliance. My working experience has been in research and development, and I hope to use these skills to support Rinpoche’s work to further the growth of Dharma.

I met Rinpoche in Singapore back in 2001. It was a very refreshing experience because I never knew Dharma could be so unconventional yet maintain its essence. Through the years, Rinpoche really showed himself as an accomplished Dharma practitioner who is not bound by any conventions – that really blew away my old and persistent thinking which focused very much on outer Dharma.

After my first few encounters with Rinpoche, I began to develop some websites for Rinpoche and the Kechara organisation. In recent years, I committed myself further as Rinpoche’s personal attendant and Liaison in New Media, continuing my pursuit to spread Rinpoche’s teachings wider and further globally.

Being Rinpoche’s personal attendant means that I am able to witness real Dharma in action, both on and off the throne. I consider myself extremely fortunate, and at the same time it is also a great challenge to instill Dharma in my life 24/7.

我是在詹拉章(詹杜固仁波切住所)专司新媒体运作的协调助理,同时也是仁波切的私人助理。 我是马来西亚槟城人,早年在公民总校和钟灵中学度过,之后到新加坡华侨中学和华中初级学院继续学业。我毕业于新加坡南洋理工大学材料工程系,获得一级荣誉学士学位;之后,我考获新加坡麻省理工学院学术联盟硕士文凭,主修高级材料。在研究与发展方面,我拥有深厚经验,并学以致用的将这些技术用来帮助仁波切弘扬佛法。 我在2001年时在新加坡遇见了仁波切。那是一个非常令人愉悦的经验。在此之前,我从不知道佛教可以不传统的保留原有精髓的。这么多年来,仁波切真真切切的表现出他是一位学佛致深的修行者,在弘法上他可以不设限任何尺度,使我先前对佛教的先入为主的观念完全瓦解。与仁波切作了几次交流后,我开始为他与克切拉团体设计网页。 近年来,我奉献我的身心给仁波切,在新媒体的运作上负责协调,使仁波切的教法得以在全球发扬光大。此外,我也是仁波切的私人助理。这个机会让我得以见证到上师是如何将佛法落实在生活当中,而不是只停留在知识的层面里。我为自己感到庆幸,但也深知要24小时贯彻佛法,是自己所面对最大的挑战。