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Tsem Rinpoche saving Fish, Birds and Bat…

by on May.16, 2012, under Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

One day, Tsem Rinpoche went for a morning walk in a park near his residence, and saw a dying fish in the stream. Rinpoche went near the fish to recite mantra and blow the mantra on the fish, so that the fish can take a good rebirth by the blessing of the mantras…

Then Rinpoche noticed there were some nettings being erected in the park, and it was suspected that someone set it up to trap flying birds, so Rinpoche asked his students to dismantle the nettings, and save all the animals that were trapped in the nettings…

Tsem Rinpoche’s sms to his students in Tsem Ladrang:

“We rescued the three pigeons one has blood on wings and put in the cage to heal. The bat was released and flew away.

Please put food and water for the pigeons daily and make sure their cage is not under the hot sun. If we can repair its wing, it would be good. Recite mantras daily to them before release.

Be kind to them. They are wild and now in a cage so must be scared.”



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