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Tamedran Raj in critical condition

by on Mar.18, 2012, under Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

I had just completed giving *Gabriel a Amityus initiation in the hospital in his room. He has been in a coma. After finishing, I left his room and the room next to me I saw in the halls around 15 people very distressed as I was walking towards the lifts…I wanted to stop but didn’t because I am a stranger and didn’t want to disturb this family. I didn’t want to stare..But I can see something is seriously wrong… I found out they were just given the news that 13 year old Tamedran Raj has blood in one of his lungs and the doctors have tried many procedures to cure him for the last five days and with no effect. His condition is critical. I was so worried.

Tamedran Raj just complained of pain in the throat and dryness..then he was admitted into the hospital in his village in Setiawan in Perak State (Malaysia). He was in the hospital for 20 days and they couldn’t find out what was wrong. So his parents brought him to Kuala Lumpur desperate.

The doctor here in Kuala Lumpur has tried everything so far and he is not well. I was so worried because I saw the pain on their faces. Beautiful 13 year old Tamedran Raj is not getting well. His mother, father and aunt are so grief-stricken. I saw their pain. I felt the pain. I couldn’t relax. After I got home, I asked Seng Piow, Su Ming, Ethan, Bryan and Jean Mei to return to hospital (1:30 AM) to deliver a message and gifts from me. I never met them, but pain is pain..I wanted to give them some prayers and in my own humble way, some hope…. I wrote them a letter, offered a White Tara statue (Bhagwati Cinta Chakra Tara Devi), a book on Tara and three malas. One mala for the mother, one for the father and aunt. The aunt is very close to Tamedran Raj. Su Ming and group related my message to do Tara mantras for the boy as much as possible and to place the consecrated Tara statue near Tamedran Raj.  The parents and relatives were grateful for the advice. They were very receptive… They immedately started to do Tara mantras and the father recited Tara mantras into the ear of his beautiful son lying still and not moving lovingly…. Su Ming and group did a wonderful job to explain. I appreciate our ladrang/Kecharians so much for their kindness to help others always anytime day or night… People like them working around me really expedites whatever I wish to do…thank you.

Su Ming today contacted a doctor friend of our’s to get further advice at my prompting. Su Ming is so concerned for Tamedran Raj also. We will carry out Dr friends’s advice and keep everyone posted what is happening here.

I did two pujas last night until 4AM for Tamendran Raj and Gabriel with Paris and Bryan assisting me. I want these two young boys to have a chance, to be healed to hug their parents again…to play..to live…to grow.

I am sending our Kechara Pastors today, tomorrow and the next day to do puja at the bedside of Tamedran Raj. Then we see what happens. And I will after that send Pastors to do pujs for him continuously.

The aunt was so distraught, her hands were shaking non-stop. The father couldn’t talk as he cried. The mother is in stunned silence. These are simple people from a small village who love their beatiful child….and he is not waking up…  Kechara will help them. I will help.

Tsem Rinpoche


Latest update: Dear TR, 

I was talking to one of the little Indian boy’s uncle who can speak English. 

He said the boy has improved tremendously since this morning. The doc and nurses said whatever prayers we did last night worked cause it is a miracle he got better. 

The parents and aunt will be vegetarian during this time. I told them that it will be good cause they should not kill. They understand. 

Thank u.
 Su Ming (Re: Tamedran Raj)




Tamedran Raj 病情危急

我刚在医院的病房里授予*Gabriel无量寿佛的灌顶。他一直都处在昏迷状态中。在灌顶仪式结束后,我走出病房前往升降机时,在Gabriel隔壁病房的大厅,我看见大约15人,他们都面带哀伤。我想停下来但我并没有这么做,因为对这一家人而言,我只是个陌生人,而我也不想打扰他们。我不想注视他们,但是我可以看出情况非常严重。我得知他们刚接获13岁的Tamedran Raj出现一侧肺积血的消息,而医生们在过去的五天内已经尝尽一切方法为他治疗却仍未起效。他的状况非常危急,这令我非常担忧。

Tamedran Raj不久前投诉自己喉咙疼痛及干燥。他接着被送入位于其家乡,霹雳州(马来西亚)实兆远的医院。他在医院住了20天但医生们无法检测他究竟得了什么病。因此他的父母绝望地将他带到吉隆坡就医。

吉隆坡的医生到目前为止已经尝尽一切方法,但他的病情却仍无起色。我非常担忧,因为我看见他家人脸上的痛苦。今年13岁的Tamedran Raj病情没有起色,他的母亲、父亲和姨妈都伤心欲绝。看见他们的痛苦,我感同身受,这让我无法松懈下来。回到家里之后,我便吩咐胜彪、诗明、世豪、耀文和仁美返回医院(凌晨1点30分),替我传达讯息和送上礼物。我没见过他们,但痛苦就是痛苦。我想为他们祈愿,并透过我谦卑的方式给予他们一些希望。我为他们写了一封信,送上一尊白度母像(如意轮白度母世尊)、一本度母书籍及三串佛珠。一串佛珠给他的母亲,另外两串则是给他的父亲及姨妈。姨妈与Tamedran Raj的关系非常亲密。诗明一组人将我的讯息传达给他们,请Tamedran Raj的家人尽可能为他念诵度母心咒,并将殊胜的度母像放置在他身边。他们非常愿意接受我的建议,并立即开始念诵度母心咒,而Tamedran Raj的父亲甚至慈爱地在一动也不动的儿子耳边念诵度母心咒。诗明一组人在为这一家人解释的事情上做得非常好。我感谢拉章的工作人员及克切拉人任何时刻、不分昼夜都愿意帮助他人的善心。拥有像他们这样的人在我身边,可说是加速了我想做的任何事情。谢谢。

在我的指示下,诗明今天联络了我们的一名医生朋友以获取进一步的意见。诗明也十分关注Tamedran Raj的情况。我们将会听取医生朋友的意见,并让大家不断跟进这里所发生的事。


我指示克切拉的几位讲法师今天、明天和后天都到Tamedran Raj的病床边进行法会,看看情况有什么变化。然后,我会再让讲法师们继续前去为他进行法会。





Su Ming, Ethan and our group reading my letter to the parents..


This is the aunty who is very close to the little Indian boy Tamedran Raj


I asked Su Ming to place the sacred White Tara on Tamedran Raj’s head to give a blessing…as the parents stand nearby with their malas chanting Tara mantras.
我吩咐诗明将神圣的白度母像按在Tamedran Raj的头上,给他加持。男孩的父母则在一旁手持念珠持诵度母心咒


The boy’s father reciting Tara mantra in his ear..he loves his beautiful boy so much…may he awake to hug his dad again and again…

Kechara’s Pastor Susan Lim conducting protector puja for the little boy while his parents recited Tara mantra beside


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  • kvusalya ramesh..

    im kvusalya..from ayer tawar perak..who closee with the boy tamedran raj sister who name RAMANI..
    when i heard he was leave us rdy..i really cnt take it…tamedran is good boy..i really like him so much..i know him from last year oni..i really like to talk with him…but when i heard he leave us rdy..i really get upset..but what to do..god loves him so much…may his soul rest in the peace…from ur beloved sis..kvu..tamendaran..

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