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Rinpoche Blessing Thangka

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This photo was taken in 2002 when Tsem Rinpoche went to Kechara Paradise to bless a thangka…they were using a film camera back then.

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Buy it all !!!

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Just came back from a nice night out with Rinpoche and the Nepalese boys in Brickfields. Rinpoche wanted to buy a tonne of DVDs for them to bring back to Nepal, so their families will know that we’re taking care of their sons, that we appreciate them sending their kids over to work with us, and they will be happy that their sons are doing well.

It was 1:45am when we saw a skinny, old handicapped man still hobbling the streets trying to sell his tissue paper for a pittance.

Rinpoche said wherever we are in the world, if we see a handicapped person selling things, just buy from them. Never mind stories about them cheating people – on your end, practice compassion. Who would ever want to be in their situation, cheating or not? At the very least, they’re not begging and they’re trying to “work”.

So in his kindness, Rinpoche asked us to buy up all of his tissue paper so the man can just go home.

The man was so happy, he couldn’t stop smiling. We hope he rests a little better tonight.

Rinpoche always does this, watch the videos here:




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True Story: Business Tycoon meets Protector Setrap! 金甲衣护法扶持地产大亨!

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H.E. Tsem Rinpoche and Protector Setrap in Kechara House

Without a doubt, Dato’ Eric Tan had a tough time during the first half of his life. Once a millionaire, he lost everything during the economic crisis. Overnight, over one hundred companies within his group closed down and everything was gone. Even so, his strong faith in his guru and protector helped him to start from zero all over again. Working step by step, today Dato Tan is a very successful businessman in the Malaysian real estate industry.

Dato’ Tan admitted that without the help and guidance from H.E. Tsem Rinpoche and protector Lord Setrap, he cannot imagine how terrible his situation could have turned out, with the all the ups and downs he encountered over those few years. He is very grateful for Rinpoche and protector‘s support during the lowest tide in his life.

Guru and Protecto are One

Dato’ Tan is a busy man with his business, but he has very strong guru devotion and does his Lord Setrap practice daily without fail, no matter how packed his schedule is, even when he is overseas.

Even though time has passed by quickly over the last ten years, what Rinpoche and protector’s advice to him has all come true. To him, this proves that Rinpoche is a really a living Buddha/Bodhisattva.

To Dato’ Tan, both Rinpoche and the protector are one. He feels that Lord Setrap’s manifestation is to comply with Rinpoche’s requests. This is why he has made sure he is consistent with his practice, to achieve swift results. However, he knows that we as students should prioritize Rinpoche because without Rinpoche, our protector might as well not exist. Guru devotion and faith in Dharma is very crucial to ensure Lord Setrap’s blessings.

Dato’ Tan jokingly mentioned that it is very difficult to do Dharma work without financial support. As a businessman, he has promised to support and assist Rinpoche in spreading Dharma after Lord Setrap helped him through his toughest time.

Dato’ Tan is very serious when talking about his experiences with Lord Setrap. After many years of practice, he describes his relationship with his protector as being like a close relationship with his mother. When Dato Tan prays to the protector, everything comes naturally as if he is calling his mother back home. When Lord Setrap manifested, he would have goosebumps on the left part of his body as if someone is standing on his left. It may sound as though Dato’ is glorifying Setrap’s power, but this is also what both Dato’ Tan and his wife have experienced over the years.

Looking at the results of Dato’ Tan’s entrepreneurship, everything has gone accordingly to the protector’s prediction. Having endured many experiences over the years, Dato’ Tan has promised himself to be a good disciple and not to let his ignorance overtake devotion to his guru and protector because if he did that, every time the results were not positive for him. In this way, he has relented and will fulfil his guru’s request at his level best.

He spoke about what happened during 1997. At the time, he tried to buy over a company with financial problems. He prayed to protector Setrap and mentioned that he could only bear losses up to 40million Singapore Dollars. If the amount exceeded, he himself would face a financial crisis. Fortunately, Dato’ Tan managed to buy over the company and lost EXACTLY SGD40million. Dato’ Tan revealed that without Lord Setrap’s help, his loss would have been much greater. Thus, Dato’ Tan began to believe in Lord Setrap’s power.

In 1999, through divination, Rinpoche told Dato’ Tan that he would be facing a huge financial crisis. Rinpoche advised him to forgo all of his companies at that time to ensure the crisis was just temporary, and told him he would get back everything in the near future. But Dato Tan was not willing to let go and ignored Rinpoche’s advice. In 2000, Rinpoche’s prediction came true, and Dato Tan’s entire group of companies collapsed, and nothing could be done.

In 2004, Dato’ Tan was helpless and sought for Rinpoche’s help. Rinpoche advised Dato’ Tan that he has two options for his businesses to recover. His first option was to go to Guang Zhou in China and start with an investment. The second option was to stay in Malaysia and start all over again in Melaka. Due to his long-term business developments in Singapore, Dato’ Tan was not happy with these two options because the two places were not his preferred destinations.

Like a rebellious child, Dato’ Tan insisted on staying in Singapore and as a result, his businesses did not recover. When he had almost reached his limit, one of his friends invited him to try his luck in Melaka, in a holiday resort project involving more than 500 chalets.

Dato’ Tan secretly took up the project without informing Rinpoche and only told Rinpoche when the project was nearing completion. Upon knowing, Rinpoche told him that Lord Setrap manifested and hinted that he would lose this investment. At the same time Rinpoche also advised Dato’ Tan’s friend not to invest further but told him that it was advisable to lend money to Dato’ Tan instead if he really wanted to help.

The protector’s advice this time confused Dato’ Tan because earlier, the protector given him the option of developing his career in Melaka. Reaching 80% completion on the project, he could not figure out why the project would fail. As predicted by Rinpoche however, Dato’ Tan lost in his investment again because the bank loan was not approved. This incident again proved protector’s extremely accurate predictions.

Dato’ Tan was very disappointed but he still diligently continued with his daily practice. Facing the obstacles all the way, Dato’ Tan managed to get a piece of land in Melaka in a most prominent location, and transformed it into a modern shopping mall, which is Dataran Pahlawan today. What he went through before this is really a blessing in disguise. Dato’ Tan managed to get the protector’s blessing on this piece of land and since then, his work has been free from obstacles.

Now that his troubles are gone, Dato’ Tan’s group of companies has been growing stronger. He recalls that Rinpoche told him during their first meeting that Dato’ Tan will faced huge obstacles in his career but everything will be smooth later if he can overcome it. He did not believe it back then due to his strong financial standing but along the way, with all the obstacles he faced, he now strongly believes Rinpoche and protector’s prediction.

He will never forget what Rinpoche told him: “If you truly believe protector 100%, then you will get 100%! If you believe protector 50%, then in return you will only get 50%! The concept is very simple and it is up to you to believe it or not!”

(translated by Sam Chiao Hong, edited by Khong Jean Ai)

Tsem Rinpoche with Dato’ Eric Tan and wife in Kechara House where Rinpoche conducted Dato’ Tan’s son’s wedding in March 2012


Rinpoche conducted Dato’ Eric Tan’s son’s wedding in Kechara House in March 2012, with Protector Setrap looking on


Dato’ Eric Tan’s achievement today: Dataran Pahlawan Shopping Mall in Melaka


Dato’ Eric Tan’s achievement today: Dataran Pahlawan Shopping Mall in Melaka


Another of Dato’ Eric Tan’s achievement today: Hatten Hotel in Melaka


Dato’ Eric Tan’s latest project: Hatten City in Melaka


Dato’ Eric Tan’s son explaining to the press the Hatten City project in Melaka


Dato’ Eric Tan and sons showcasing the Hatten City project


Dato’ Eric Tan’s latest project: Hatten City in Melaka (shown here is Melaka state’s Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam)




严格来说,拿督陈永发的前半段人生并不算顺遂。曾经坐拥亿万家产的他,一场金融风暴使他变得一无所有,掌管的百多家公司在一夜之间消失得无影无迹,整个集团面临倒闭。虽然如此,因着对上师和护法的坚定信念,他再次从零开始,一步步爬上来,今天的他,仍然在马来西亚的地产界叱吒风云。他承认这些年来的大起大落,如果没有得到上师詹杜固仁波切和金甲衣护法的扶助,他不敢想像那种糟糕的情形。所以他很欣慰在人生最低潮的时候,仁波切和护法在身边给他支持。回想起在一个机缘巧合下,拿督陈是由他的部属总经理的介绍而认识了詹杜固仁波切, 从此与金甲衣护法结缘,如今回首一看,他感叹十一年就这般过去了。

















(郭月谊 采访)

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Tsem Rinpoche Loves Kids!!!

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Tsem Rinpoche is always very loving and affectionate towards children, watch how Tsem Rinpoche interacts with them!

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Tsem Rinpoche conducted two funerals within 24 hours

by on May.23, 2012, under Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

On the evening of May 19, TsemRinpoche went to perform funeral rites for Mama Mooi Lan. Mama Mooi Lan wasRinpoche’s long-time Dharma friend who had helped Rinpoche a lot when Rinpochefirst came to Malaysia. Together with a few Dharma friends, Mama Mooi Lanorganized to rent and sponsor Rinpoche’s apartment rental back then, besides,they also sponsored Rinpoche’s phone bills and other necessities despite nothaving much themselves. Mama Mooi Lan and the group of Dharma friends were veryhelpful and kind and never asked for anything back, and Mama Mooi Lan’s family arealways very supportive of what she did.

After the rituals, Rinpoche sat downwith the family and had a heart-to-heart talk with them. Rinpoche told themthat he appreciated Mama Mooi Lan’s kindness and help all these while, andsince Mama Mooi Lan had done a lot of Dharma work in her life, she will havegreat merits to take a very good rebirth, so Rinpoche repeated to the familynot to worry for Mama Mooi Lan, although it is understandable that everyone willbe sad because they missed her, she will definitely be alright.

Rinpoche then asked his assistantsto arrange for pujas to be done in the monastery for Mama Mooi Lan, and alsoinstructed the Kechara puja team to go later that night to perform puja forMama Mooi Lan (see pics below), as well as for a few Kechara pastors to bepresent on the next day during the cremation ceremony.

Rinpoche then contributed a sum ofmoney for the family for the funeral, not that the family needed it, but out ofgreat appreciation for Mama Mooi Lan and the family’s kindness all these years,especially in the beginning years when Rinpoche first came to Malaysia and hadnot much money and help. Rinpoche also gave a nice Manjushri pendant to the granddaughterso that Manjushri can bless her. The family were very touched by Rinpoche’skindness and kept thanking Rinpoche for coming and doing all those for MamaMooi Lan and the family. Rinpoche left the funeral parlour at around 7pm.


Rinpoche talking to the family and comforting them

Rinpoche reciting prayers for Mama Mooi Lan

Kechara Puja team performing prayers for Mama Mooi Lan


Later that night at around 4am, Rinpoche had finished all his sadhana of the day and was getting ready to rest, but I received an emergency call from one of Rinpoche’s long-time student A, A was seemingly in a distraught state because his wife just had a miscarriage of a 3-month old baby, they were still at the hospital and A did not know what to do, so I informed Rinpoche, and without hesitation, Rinpoche said we had to go to help and give support to A and his family. A few liaisons and assistants were still awake then, so Rinpoche gave instructions to prepare a few things and we went to University Hospital at around 530am in the morning together with Pastor Susan, Pastor Yekyee, Lew, Jean Mei and Bryan.

A and his wife were fine but were distraught, that was their first child. Rinpoche sat down with them and comforted them and asked the assistants to prepare warm food and drinks for the couple and the mother, as they were hungry and thirsty but had no time to eat the whole night because of what happened, while the others helped to settle the administration part with the hospital. Rinpoche advised to go back to the couple’s apartment to do a ritual for the baby. So after everything was settled in the hospital, we all left, and before going up to the apartment, Rinpoche went to a convenience store and buy baby products to put  around the baby together with some rose petals, then in the apartment Rinpoche did a puja and black tea to Protector Setrap asking Protector to lead the baby’s mind to a good rebirth.

Rinpoche also gave the baby a name “Tashi”which means good luck, and comforted the couple and the mother that although the baby did not live, it is a good thing that the baby came to them for a few months and was able to be sent away under the blessing of Dharma, Rinpoche told the couple repeatedly that they did nothing wrong, and wish them good luck again.

Rinpoche also asked Bryan to find out about cremation procedure from a few funeral houses, and after deciding on one, Rinpoche told the couple that he would sponsor the cremation service, and part of the ashes will be put in the Vajrayogini stupa in Kechara’s retreat center later, and the other part will be given back to the couple in a small glass stupa which the assistants had kindly arranged.

The couple and the mother were very grateful for what Rinpoche did for them at a time when they were vulnerable and helpless, and thanked Rinpoche profusely out of deep appreciation for Rinpoche’s kindness. Rinpoche then wished them well and parted with them, while Bryan and Jean Mei stayed back to arrange for the cremation which was scheduled at 11am that same day. It was around 830am when Rinpoche left the apartment.

That day’s events were just a small example ofRinpoche’s great compassion, which is unconditional, no matter what time it is and how tired Rinpoche is, as long as another sentient being needs help, Rinpoche will always go all out to help them, selflessly. That is the true compassion of Tsem Ripoche.

Rinpoche went to hospital at 5am to help the couple and give them support

Pastor Yekyee and Bryan preparing food and drinks for the couple


Rinpoche placing baby products and rose petals around baby Tashi

baby Tashi

Rinpoche performing puja for baby Tashi


Rinpoche performing black tea for baby Tashi while the parents looked on

baby Tashi in casket

baby Tashi in casket


p/s Yesterday Dr Jiang came to treat Rinpoche, Rinpoche was having slight fever, heatiness and had a stye (eyelid bump) developed, Dr Jiang said these were caused by days of staying up late and not having enough rest. To Rinpoche, the suffering of his body is insignificant as compared to the suffering of others, which Rinpoche always places above his own suffering. This is a mental state of a truly great Bodhisattva.

Rinpoche developed a stye of his eyelid due heatiness coming from days of not resting enough

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Tsem Rinpoche saving Fish, Birds and Bat…

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One day, Tsem Rinpoche went for a morning walk in a park near his residence, and saw a dying fish in the stream. Rinpoche went near the fish to recite mantra and blow the mantra on the fish, so that the fish can take a good rebirth by the blessing of the mantras…

Then Rinpoche noticed there were some nettings being erected in the park, and it was suspected that someone set it up to trap flying birds, so Rinpoche asked his students to dismantle the nettings, and save all the animals that were trapped in the nettings…

Tsem Rinpoche’s sms to his students in Tsem Ladrang:

“We rescued the three pigeons one has blood on wings and put in the cage to heal. The bat was released and flew away.

Please put food and water for the pigeons daily and make sure their cage is not under the hot sun. If we can repair its wing, it would be good. Recite mantras daily to them before release.

Be kind to them. They are wild and now in a cage so must be scared.”



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What is GOD? What is BUDDHA?

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Tsem Rinpoche cooking midnight pasta for students!

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One night at 2.30am, Tsem Rinpoche saw on the CCTV that the staff in Tsem Ladrang’s E-divison were still working hard, so Rinpoche asked the kitchen staff to prepare a lot of food for them, and Rinpoche himself also took part in the cooking and cleaning up!

The love and care that Rinpoche shows is beyond what any kind of relationship can offer….

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Meeting with Kechara outlets managers

by on May.07, 2012, under Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

Tsem Tulku Rinpoche gave a Dharma talk a Kechara House on Wesak Day 2 days ago, and starting yesterday 10pm, Rinpoche was having meeting with Kechara outlets managers until now, 7am on Monday morning, and the meeting is still going on.
Tsem Rinpoche and Kechara staff are enthusiastic and work tirelessly when it comes to spreading Dharma and helping people!


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Tsem Tulku Rinpoche at Kechara House Wesak Day 2012!

by on May.07, 2012, under Tsem Tulku Rinpoche



























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Lord Setrap dispels Evil Snake Spirit!

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As Amitabha’s emanation, Lord Setrap uses his wrathful outer appearance to subdue evil spirits. At the same time, when Buddhist practitioners need help, Lord Setrap will appear as a great hero to help to clear the obstacles.

This true story is about a boy and a snake spirit. This is a classic story of how Lord Setrap dispels evil spirits.

There is a very famous Thai temple called Wat Tham Khao Rup Chang which accepts a lot of short-term monks from the South East Asia region.

A few years back, there was a guy named Ah Hau who was a short-term monk at that temple. He was around 18 years old, very good looking and quiet but was always depressed and unhappy.

Ah Hau was a gentle person, but when he had his ‘outbreak’, he would totally transform into a different person with very terrifying temperament all of a sudden. This started since a few years back when Ah Hau was seemingly possessed by evil spirits without known cause. He had sought help in every religious ways he could but no one was able to help him. Well-known doctors were also not able to diagnose the cause. He even spent a fortune to seek help at China’s WuTaiShan, all to no avail.

Out of desperation, Ah Hau decided to become a short-term monk at the Thai temple, hoping that by being a monk, holding vows and doing spiritual practice days and nights would eventually get rid of the evil spirit. But after becoming a monk for quite some time in the temple and even with the help from the high monks there, his condition was still the same.

Just when he felt hopeless and desperate and was about to give up, Ah Hau met Tsem Rinpoche who came to the temple to do retreat and meditation. When Rinpoche witnessed Ah Hau’s ‘outbreak’ and his whole body moved like a snake, Rinpoche immediately knew that this had something to do with snake spirit. Ah Hau must have somehow offended a snake spirit and the spirit was there for a revenge, not letting go of him no matter what.

When Rinpoche investigated further, Ah Hau finally recalled that he had killed a snake with a stick at his garden back home. After he killed the snake, he played with the dead snake’s carcass, tossing and turning it for the fun of it.  In the end, he threw the dead snake into the drain and left.

Without further delay, compassionate Rinpoche did a divination for Ah Hau and found out that the snake had more than hundreds years’ of practice, and had become a snake spirit.

After so many years of being tortured by the snake spirit, everyone gave Ah Hau a nickname “the snake boy”. Ah Hau never thought that the snake he that killed and mistreated was a snake spirit. Upon knowing that, Ah Hau was terrified and begged Rinpoche to help him to get rid of the snake spirit.

Rinpoche whose main focus is always in benefiting all sentient beings, agreed to Ah Hau’s request. Rinpoche started to ask more details from Ah Hau. Ah Hau told Rinpoche how he had sought many help from doctors and religious masters all over the places and ended up becoming a short-term monk at the temple. Without hiding any details, Ah Hau told every single detail to Rinpoche whom he had never met before and he trusted Rinpoche. At that moment, deep inside his heart, Ah Hau felt a strong sense of hope and his intuition told him that Rinpoche was able to help him, and he then felt much more at ease.

When Rinpoche learned that Ah Hau would be possessed by the snake spirit three times a day and every time Ah Hau would lose his rationality and consciousness, Rinpoche felt the urgency and immediately and personally taught Ah Hau to recite Setrap’s mantra to control the snake spirit from possessing Ah Hau easily.

Rinpoche explained that, due to the fact that the snake spirit had possessed and troubled Ah hau for quite a period of time, the snake spirit had already absorbed his aura and it could not be easily get rid of in a short period of time. Ah Hau must recite Setrap’s mantra day and night to battle the snake spirit. If Ah Hau could complete one million Setrap’s mantra in the shortest time possible, his condition would improve significantly.

Rinpoche was doing retreat in a cave in the temple, and everyday Rinpoche would do 4000 to 5000 Setrap’s mantra, and after that Rinpoche would call Ah Hau to his presence and blow the mantras onto Ah Hau, it lasted around 25 days, according to Rinpoche, because the possession was very strong in this case.

One night, after the puja at temple ended, everyone was exhausted and went back to their room to rest. Suddenly Ah Hau’s roommate noticed something wrong with Ah Hau. Ah Hau curled up at one corner and was not diligent in reciting the mantra like before. Ah Hau’s kind-hearted roommate approached him and reminded him about Rinpoche’s advice on reciting mantra. But before he could finish his sentence, the snake spirit instantly possessed Ah Hau and showed a fierce expression, like wanting to swallow him. Within a few seconds, the snake spirit already had total control on Ah Hau’s mind.

Ah Hau’s body would then move like a snake with his mouth opened widely trying to attack his roommate. His roommate was terrified and screamed for help. Cheah Song Peng who was serving Tsem Tulku Rinpoche upstairs heard the scream and rushed down. He poised himself in front of Ah Hau and followed Rinpoche’s instruction to recite Setrap’s mantra gently but firmly.

In just a few minutes, the fierce snake spirit appeared to back down and escape, and Ah Hau collapsed. After a while, Hau managed to gain his consciousness. Ah Hau’s roommate was really stunned and amazed by the power of Setrap’s mantra.

Ah Hau recalled that the most dangerous incident of possession by the snake spirit was a time when he lost his rational mind and ran up to the top of the temple, wanting to commit suicide by jumping down. Ah Hau said at that time, under the influence of the snake spirit, he felt very depressed and just wanted to end his life once and for all.

At that time, everyone around him shouted at him to wake him up from jumping off the edge, and he could feel that there was a force trying to him back…

But his consciousness was fully control by the snake spirit and he was not able listen to any advise. He shouted back that he must jump down from the building! When he raised his foot wanting to do it, suddenly he felt something hit the back of his head and woke him up, and he changed his mind immediately. Recalling the incident, Ah Hau was very certain that the hit was from Setrap which made him regain his consciousness and saved his life.

After the incident, Ah Hau felt that he had just returned from the brink of death. With the wish of getting rid of snake spirit the soonest possible, Ah Hau recited Setrap’s mantra with even more sincerity and diligence.

After about two months, Ah Hau realized that the snake spirit no longer possessed him. Ah Hau was extremely happy and thanked Rinpoche profusely. Ah Hau did not dream for once that he could get rid of the snake spirit so effortlessly. Ah Hau felt like ages ago when he recalled those days when the snake spirit was possessing him.

There are too many unexplained phenomena in this world, for example the case of Ah Hau and the snake spirit. Ah Hau had traveled all the way to WuTaiShan in China, and to many temples in Malaysia and Thailand, and yet he still could not get rid of his problem. But he was very fortunate to have met Tsem Tulku Rinpoche and had Setrap’s oral transmission given by Rinpoche. This enabled him to get rid of the prolonged disturbance by the snake spirit with much ease. This phenomenon could not be explained by science.

Just such a short mantra can send out such sacred and mysterious power. This proves the undeniable existence of the great Lord Setrap.


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Sentenced to 72 years in jail, came out in 2 months…

by on Apr.30, 2012, under Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

This is a true story that happened to me…

I was born in a farmer’s family in a village in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

My family worked as rubber tappers in a rubber estate.

After Form 5 graduation (18 years old) I worked in a garment factory and then I also went to work abroad…my life was quite stable and smooth, but around 1995, when I was 29-year-old,my life became harder and harder…

I did business but always failed…

I got to know of Tsem Rinpoche when my brother became a monk in Thailand.

One day my brother called me saying that if I want to become rich, please come to Thailand to pray to this guru Tsem Rinpoche…(editor’s note: this motivation was not exactly right but this is how it was…and at that time Tsem Rinpoche was doing a retreat in Wat Tham Khao Rup Chang in Thailand)

In 1999, my life became worse…I went to Thailand with my friend because he needed to recruit Thailand workers, before I left for Thailand, I seek advice from Tsem Rinpoche, Rinpoche advised me to contribute $100 to make offering because I had “little people” (a local slang meaning bad people who will harm us), but I did not do it because I did not have money…

When I went to Thailand, I got into trouble because I did not have license to recruit the workers, it became a crime of “human trafficking”, so I was caught by the Thailand police.

On Dec 28 1999, I went to jail.

My brother who was a monk in Thailand then came to help me, he helped me to seek advice from Tsem Rinpoche, Tsem Rinpoche through his divination asked me to pray to Palden Lhamo while I was in prison, and I was released after 2 months, my initial sentence was 72 years in jail, yes, 72 years, and I was released just after 2 months, with the help of Tsem Rinpoche…

After I was released from prison, I still faced financial problem, even $10 of milk I also could not afford to pay.

That time I needed a job badly….Tsem Rinpoche advised me to recite 100,000 times of Vajrapani mantra, and he said I will get a job that I wished after that…and I really found a job as a USA garment buyer’s Q.C. personnel, even with no experience at all, it is really a MIRACLE for me to get this job.

Now my life becomes better, thanks to Tsem Rinpoche….

Wong Kok Peng

March 2012

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Setrap vs Maoshan Magic!

by on Apr.30, 2012, under Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

Since young until now, Tsem Tulku Rinpoche and Protector Setrap had a long and wonderful connection. Even a piece of Setrap’s thangka is able to depict the relationship between Rinpoche and Setrap.Many years back, one of Rinpoche’s students brought a piece of Setrap’s thangka all the way from Gaden Monastery India to Malaysia as an offering to Tsem Rinpoche, who was teaching Dharma in Malaysia. Rinpoche was very happy when he received the thangka and instructed the thangka to be hung up in his room.

When the thangka was hung up, Rinpoche looked carefully at the thangka and commented that the thangka was very beautiful and sacred. Suddenly, the light in the room flickered three to four times, the students were scared, but Rinpoche became even more excited and instructed his students to prepare an impromptu Setrap puja. Only after that, his students understood that that was the signal sent by Setrap as a respect to Tsem Rinpoche. Setrap would like to express his honor of being brought all the way from India to accompany Rinpoche in spreading the Dharma. That was the ‘living thangka of Setrap’. This experience was very unusual and could not have happened without great merits.

There was one time when Rinpoche was at Singapore teaching the Dharma, Rinpoche met a student with a Dato title together with his friends (Dato in Malaysia is a title honored by the King or Sultans). One of Dato’s friends is an experienced ‘Maoshan’ master. This ‘Maoshan’ master felt uncomfortable and envious when Dato showed high respect towards Rinpoche and he was worried that Dato would not be sponsoring him further.

Frustrated and angry, this ‘Maoshan’ master invoked black magic to disturb Rinpoche. During that time, Rinpoche sometimes felt a huge black shadow surrounding him and realized that someone was doing black magic on him. Thus, Rinpoche asked Setrap on the ‘living thangka’ to solve this.

One day during an event at the Dharma centre, the Oracle suddenly took trance of Setrap, he showed a wrathful facial expression, and on one hand he was seen repeatedly grabbing something from the air and putting it into his mouth. He chewed hardly on the “things” that he placed into his mouth. The expression was very scary. It seemed like Setrap was catching and eating spirits sent by the ‘Maoshan’ master which was sent to disturb Rinpoche.

After the incident, Rinpoche did not bother to pursue this further. But after a few days, the ‘Maoshan’ master requested to meet up with Rinpoche with guilt. The compassionate Rinpoche knew every single detail about this beforehand but still was willing to meet him.

When the ‘Maoshan’ master was invited to take a seat, he picked the seat where the back of the chair was facing the ‘living thangka’ of Setrap. When he was about to sit down, suddenly it seemed he was pushed forward and fell down. When Rinpoche asked him what happened, he said someone pushed him from behind. But behind the chair it was only a wall where the ‘living thangka’ of Setrap was hung on.

The ‘Maoshan’ master told Rinpoche that his sister was infected with a weird sickness out of a sudden. She was unwell but the doctors were not able to diagnose the cause. Therefore he seeked Rinpoche’s help, and compassionate Rinpoche advised the ‘Maoshan’ master to do Setrap puja. After a while,  the ‘Maoshan’ master’s sister recovered.

That was a true story  that happened a few years ago.

It was found out later that when the spirit sent by the ‘Maoshan’ master failed to disturb Rinpoche, it went back trying to harm the ‘Maoshan’ master but was unsuccessful, so it went on the harm his sister instead.

Rinpoche always advises his students to practice Setrap in order to remove inner and outer obstacles in Dharma practice.

(note: there is nothing wrong with ‘Maoshan’ pratice, it is the person who used it wrongly)

click here to read more about Protector Setrap: http://blog.tsemtulku.com/tsem-tulku-rinpoche/kechara-13-depts/why-setrap-in-kechara.html

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Tsem Rinpoche conducts wedding ceremony for Colin Tan!

by on Apr.30, 2012, under Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

On 10/03/2012, Tsem Rinpoche conducted a wedding ceremony for the son of Rinpoche’s long time student Dato’ Eric Tan. Dato’ Eric and Rinpoche have known each other for a very long time. It was during Rinpoche’s years spent in Singapore that Rinpoche met Dato’ Eric… that was in the year 1992…

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Tsem Tulku Rinpoche loves feeding stray dogs…

by on Apr.30, 2012, under Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

Tsem Tulku Rinpoche always brings along dog food in the car, and whenever Rinpoche sees hungry stray dogs, Rinpoche will stop the car and feed the dogs…

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Update on Little Gabriel

by on Apr.27, 2012, under Tsem Tulku Rinpoche


Update Arpil 13, 2012 (by Cynthia lee):

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. The good news is Gabriel is getting better. They did an EEG today which tracks brain waves, and it shows that he is having fewer seizures. It means that he is responding to the new medication from the doctors, and the treatment is working.

To everyone who prayed for him, thank you.

Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


Update Arpil 19, 2012 (by Pastor Ngeow):

Dear Rinpoche,
This afternoon did prayers for Gabriel with David , Thierry,  Adeline, Yoke Fui, Su An. I feel hopeful when touching Gabriel head talking to him and he responded by rolling eyes.
His mom said Drs slowly reducing steroid and …optimistic. He can breathe on his own now without oxygen
Rgds Pastor Ngeow
Update April 25, 2012 (by Pastor Susan)

Dear Rinpoche,

This evening, Ellena (Gabriel’s mom) came to Kechara House to join the Medicine Buddha puja.

After prayers, Dr Lanse, Mdm Lim & Prof Choi went with me to visit Gabriel. Ellena informed that 2 days ago, dooctor reduced further sedative medication. Gabriel didn’t show physical signs of seizures.
This Friday, doctor will evaluate the steroids dosage if it should remain or be reduced.

Gabriel was awake when we arrived. He responded by fluttering his eye lids when we stroke his head. His parents are hoping for more medication to be reduced in his next evaluation.


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